Feather Extensions

Feather Extensions are the newest trend! Everyone is getting them. We’re one of the first Las Vegas hair salons to offer Feather Extension as a service. They are attached by our Micro-bead Extension links.

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Feather Extension Pricing

  • One Feather Extension: $15
  • Bundled Feather Extensions: $70

Normal amount of feather extensions: 1-6 feathers

(Feather size and color may vary with the season)

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Our Las Vegas hair salon offer a wide selection of colored feather hair extensions from natural to dyed grizzly (Black and white striped). Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup carry’s only salon grade feather hair extensions . We offer both individual feather extensions and pre bonded bundle feather extensions that range between 8 and 16 inches long. We try to keep a large variety of feathers in stock at all times. If you you did not see the colors you wanted please let us know and we will order them that day. Our hair salon is located at 8790 s Maryland pkwy Las Vegas NV 89123

Feather Extension FAQ

Q. Do feather extensions take as long as hair extensions?

A. Its a quick process no more than 10min. in the salon

Q. Are there any limitations to the feather extensions?

A. You can do whatever you would normally do to your hair like curling or straighten them.

Q. Is it better to get a bundle of feather extensions or individuals?

A. Bundles are cheaper but will come with predetermined colors. They are also less likely to fall out. You can make a custom bundle from the individual selection in the salon. If any of the feather extensions do fall out then just come back to our salon and we will put them back in.

Q. How do feather hair extensions stay in?

A. You will use a small silicone micro link bead that you slide up your hair with the feather extension, then you squeeze the micro link closed. You can go to a hair salon and getting them installed professionally. Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup Las Vegas salon offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if they fall out we will replace them at no charge. You can also get a do it yourself kit but this option wont really save you money since you have to buy packs of feathers at a time plus the kit. You will spend the same amount if not more with no guarantee that the feather extension will stay in.

Q. What are feather hair extensions?

A. Feather hair extensions are in most cases rooster feathers that are colored and then clamped to the hair with a micro bead . Usually, the feathers can range from 10-16 inches. There is a large variety of colors and sizes that the feather extensions come in. If you buy the extensions online they sell them in a bunch 5 to seven feathers in one bundle plus you have to buy the tools. This is why we suggest you go to your local Las Vegas hair salon and get them put in as it will usually be cheaper and you get a proffesional to put in the feathers. Some of our more popular colors are teal, baby blue, hot pink, grizzly ( striped feather extensions), and more. People love the light colors to give a contrast between their hair and the feather extensions.

Q. The best way to put in feather hair extensions?

A. This is very similar to putting in micro link hair extensions. A Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon hair stylist will attach the feathers towards your hair using a metal loop and a bead. Once the feather extension is in the desired spot the bead is clamped to hold the feather and hair together. There are clipin feather hair extensions but they do not last as long . If you want to get long term extensions you should visit your local Las Vegas hair salon and see a professional stylist.

Q. How to take care of your feather hair extensions?

A. The feathers are very durable an can last in your hair for 6 to 8 weeks. You can shampoo, condition, flat iron or even curl your hair using the curling iron. The feather extension does not require any special care. If you want to get your hair colored then you should take them out first and then put the feathers back in after you hvae rinsed the hair a couple times. You can also call Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon with any questions on your feather at 702.636.5500 or stop by at 8790 s Maryland pkwy Las Vegas NV.

Q. Where can I find feather hair extensions?

A. Feather hair extensions are a new trend and many salons do not carry them. Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon in Las Vegas always keeps a large variety of feathers. There are many shops online that provide various feather hair extensions. They supply a variety of feather extensions and beads with different colors, length, and prices. The cost of each feather is usually around $5 plus the bead and shipping. You also have to buy packages of feathers online and individual feathers are not an option. This is why we suggest you visit your local Las Vegas hair salon like Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon to obtain feathers.

Feather hair extensions are the most common hair trend in 2011. The feathers are suitable for women of all ages and hair color. No matter whether you might be sixteen or forty, the feather extensions will usually compliment your hair and eye color. Feather extensions give you an advantages if you enjoy changing your hairstyle often. It allows you to wear different feathers for different events. They are easy and affordable to remove or change out.

Because of the high demand of feather extensions, supply’s may be limited. Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon works hard to keep a large selection in size and colors while getting only the high grade feathers. If we do not have a specific color that you would like we may be able to order it. Call us today to set up you feather extension appointment at 702.290.1770 or come down to our Las Vegas hair salon during walk in hours.

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