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Packages Starting at $185 per person. Call for your custom package and quote.

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“Bridal Hairstyle” Package A…. $85

This package includes Bridal Hairstyles for 3 or more people Approximately… 30mins

“Hairstyle and Traditional Makeup” Package B…. $130

This package includes Hairstyle and Traditional Make up and Hair services for 3 or more people for Wedding Day Approximately…60 mins each day

“Bridal Hair and Airbrush Makeup” Package C… $145

This package includes Bridal Hair and Airbrush make up services for 3 or
more people. Approximately… 60 minutes per person

*Add your Hair and Airbrush Makeup for your bachelorette party for 120pp

“Experience Boudoir”

$400 for one person
Deal for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Call for other days pricing and availability
discounts available for parties of 3 or more

This package includes:
* Champagne
* Hairstyling
* Makeup
* Photoshoot
* 5 high-res fully edited photos of your choice
* Full gallery of photos taken at shoot

*If these packages are not exactly what you need we can create you a custom package.

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Don’t have a large bridal party? See our bridal beauty services ala carte below

  • Hair Style…$95…30mins
  • Traditional Make up…$85…30mins
  • Hair and Traditional Make up Combo Discount…$145…60mins
  • Airbrush Make up…$95…30mins
  • Hair Style and Airbrush Make up Combo Discount…$160…60mins
  • Flower Girl Hair…$35…20mins (up to age 9)
  • Flower Girl Hair and age Appropriate Make up…$45…25mins
  • Junior Bride’s Maid Hair Style…$75…30mins (up to age 15)
  • Junior Bride’s Maid age Appropriate Make up…$45…30mins
  • Junior Bride’s Maid Hair Style and age Appropriate Make up…$95…45mins
  • Spray Tan$50
  • Spray Tan, Hair Styling, and Traditional Make up Combo Discount…$185
  • Spray Tan, Hair Styling and Airbrush Make up Combo Discount…$200
  • Feather extension$15
  • Feather extension bundle…$50
  • Check out our bachelorette packages

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Why choose Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon?We are the only salon in Las Vegas that specializes in bridal hair and makeup. This is our number one focus. We have a large team of wedding specialists that train weekly, specifically for bridal makeup. At least once a week we get a last minute call that the artist they hired didn’t show because they are sick, got in a car accident, is stuck in traffic, has sick kids or just didn’t show. These artists may be fantastic at what they do but if they are the only ones working for their business, you have no insurance for your wedding if something happens to them. We can guarantee that someone will show at your wedding. We also Guarantee our work. If you did not get bridal hair and makeup styles you wanted we will give you your money back. Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup requires each of its bridal hair and makeup specialists to go through weekly training to perfect all bridal styles. Which is why we are so confident in our ability that we offer the money back guarantee.


Things to know to make your Las Vegas wedding day as smooth and relaxing as possible:

Don’t wash your hair. If you wash your hair on the day of your wedding it will be too relaxed and wont be able to hold a curl or any definition. Don’t straighten your hair either because this will also make it more difficult to style.

Las Vegas is fun but control your brides maids. Too often the brides maids figure it’s not their wedding day so they can party the night before. The only problem with this is that the next morning they show up late to your appointments and delay everything, making your wedding day not so smooth. So make sure your maid of honor is doing her part in getting all the brides maids to our Las Vegas hair salon.

Try to find a picture from a magazine that has bridal hair and make up that you would like to have on your wedding day. If the artist has an idea of how you want your hair and make up you can skip all the trial and error.Keep in mind your hair is different from the models hair so you may want to consider getting hair extensions. Whether its clip ins or micro bead extensions. That way we can cut and color your hair to get the exact style you are looking for on your wedding day.

If you think you will need hair extensions then come to our salon a few days before so we can match the hair color. Also decide what kind of hair extensions you want. For example, there are micro bead hair extensions which will last months or there are clip in hair extensions that you can just take in and out. Micro bead hair extensions will take about 3-4hours at the salon. Clip in hair extensions can be installed in your bridal suite instead of our Las Vegas salon. We are located at 8790 S. Maryland pkwy Las Vegas NV 89123

Come in and get a hair and make up trial. Our hair salon is located 10 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. This will help everyone overcome any unforeseen bumps in the road on your wedding day. It will also give you a chance to see what kind of make up works better for your skin, (airbrush or traditional) and to see if you may need hair extensions for the hairstyle that you want. Also ask your brides maids if they should get a trial. One picky brides maid can delay the entire bridal party so its better to get that out of the way before your wedding day. Make your Las Vegas wedding as stress free as possible and help us help you prepare.

Don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews. You will find countless reviews giving our salon 5 star ratings from Las Vegas brides like you on our bridal hair and make up.

Bridal Hair and Makeup FAQ

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my Las Vegas wedding hair and makeup appointment?

A. The two big things are: don’t wash your hair the day of. If you wash your hair it will be too relaxed to hold any definition for a bridal hairstyle. The second thing is, make sure you wash your face and don’t put moisturizer on it. If you have moisturizer on your face it acts as a wall to the makeup and as soon as the moisturizer comes off in a couple hours, so will the makeup. We can put moisturizer on your face after we are done with your bridal hair and makeup.


Q. How long does bridal hair and makeup take?

A. On average it will take us 45 min. for both hair and makeup. We do like to book out an hour just in case you want to change something.


Q. What time should I book my appointment?

A. If you’re staying on the Las Vegas strip, we do suggest that you be finished with your bridal hair and makeup an hour and a half before you have to be at the chapel. Giving you ample time to get dressed and for travel. If you’re in one of the hotels that has a chapel in the hotel, then an hour before. Keep in mind that the bridal hair and makeup will last 15hours so its okay to book a few hours early to make sure you are not rushed. We always aim to be 15min early but the Las Vegas strip can be unpredictable so its better safe than sorry.


Q. Can I get hair extensions for my wedding?

A. Hair extensions are a very popular choice if you want a bridal hairstyle that your hair cannot achieve. There are two different types we suggest. Clip-ins are just for the day and are easy to take in and out. We do have to see you before the day to match your hair color or you can have your stylist do it at your local salon. Micro bead hair extensions are also a great choice. These will last 2-4 months. So you can have them for the honeymoon too. These do have to be put in our Las Vegas hair salon.


Q. How do I know if I need hair extensions for the bridal hairstyle I picked?

A. On your wedding day you may want a style that requires either very thick or long hair. There a few different ways to find out if you have enough. You can always come in for a free consult where we can tell you. If you do not live in Las Vegas but are have your wedding here then you can also send us pics of the bridal hairstyle you want and your current hair. Easiest way is to ask your local stylist. Just make sure that your stylist is experienced with bridal hair styles.

Q. How far out should I book my Las Vegas wedding?

A. If your wedding is on a weekend, holiday or a special day (11-11-11), book now! If it’s during the week, we can take last minute appointments, if we have availability but we suggest a couple months in advance.

Q. How many artists will you bring if I have a large bridal party that all want hair and makeup?

A. Our goal is to make your Las Vegas bridal makeup and hair as relaxed as possible. So, to answer that question….. As many as you need! We have a large staff and can accommodate any size bridal party. We like to not take any longer than 3 hours for an appointment. Example you have a party of 9 coming to Las Vegas for bridal hair and makeup, We would send 3 stylists to you making sure that at most you will all be ready within 3 hours or less.

Q. How long before my wedding should I get a spray tan?

A. We recommend you get a spray tan at least a couple days before your wedding. The reason being is that it is possible for streaking to occur especially for pregnant women or women. Women’s hormones can get in the way of the solution. Its not common but it does happen. If this happens you can come back in at no additional cost and get another layer to make sure you look picture perfect for your Las Vegas wedding.


Q. Are your makeup artists and hairstylists trained to do African American hair and makeup?

A. Not only are our makeup artists and hairstylists trained weekly on all types of hair and skin but we also have African American brides every week. Las Vegas is a popular place for weddings we see people from all over the world. The demand for bridal hair and makeup in Las Vegas is also growing. We get tons of practice during the wedding seasons and keep our galleries updated with new brides photos. This way you dont have to take our word for it. Just take a look at our photos and if you see something you like you can request the same artist for your wedding.


Q. What if I just want a bridal hairstyle or just makeup?

A. We can do single services for your wedding. We just put them together because most often we do both. If you would like just a bridal makeup artist or just a bridal hairstylist to come to you we can offer you the ala carte price listed above.


Stevee Danielle Hair and Make Up Las Vegas salon will travel direct to your Las Vegas wedding no traveling fee. We work with your photographer to get those picture perfect moments that you will remember forever. Have your photographer contact us and we can make sure our makeup artist and his technique compliment each other so we will make your wedding photos stunning and beautiful. You will notice a big difference when a photographer and and makeup artist work together to create a perfect bridal look. From doing  over a thousand weddings and countless photohoots for TV, magazines, movies etc..  We have learned that there are many great photographers but also many styles. Wether it be different lighting or angles. A makeup artist can cut the photographers work in half by  matching our makeup technique with his preferences.  The result is spectacular wedding photos that hardly need to be touched up if at all.   Our salons stylists are trained weekly to design or recreate any bridal style you desire for your Las Vegas wedding from traditional bridal hair and make up to the latest trends like vintage pin up or a natural bridal smokey eye to fit your personality. Our stylists will spend as long as it takes to get the exact look you want and make you the most beautiful that you can be. We accommodate any size party whether its just you the bride or your ten brides maids. Make sure to see our before and after bridal pictures to see our up dos, bridal hair styles and bridal make up(All from Las Vegas brides) Stevee Danielle Hair and Make Up Las Vegas salon will make your beauty experience easy, relaxing and fun on your day.

There is no deposit required to reserve your wedding day. We do keep a credit card number on file. This is to book out our time for your bridal hair and make up services. Nothing will ever be charged to your credit card unless you cancel the entire appointment or part of the bridal party on or within 10 days of your wedding. There is a 40% cancellation fee. No call no shows will be charged at 100% of the total services reserved. If you are in a hotel and we do not receive your room number we can not send anyone to an unknown location. For this reason we will call you the day before your bridal hair and makeup appointment too confirm and get the room number. We understand that some brides may be checking in on the day of there wedding. We only ask that you let us know what time you will be checking in the day before so we can make sure our artists are on time for you. Please let us know if you want hair extensions, so that we can match the hair extensions to your hair color prior to the appointment day. We do offer clip in hair extensions that can be put in on the day of and micro bead hair extensions that would have to be put in before at our Las Vegas hair salon.

Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon uses top quality products to achieve any look desired. For your bridal makeup application we use primarily MAC makeup. All of our bridal makeup artists are required to have a full MAC makeup kit. For airbrush makeup we will use Dinair. Airbrush makeup is a higher quality makeup that will give you a smooth and natural bridal look. For your bridal hair style we use mainly Big Sexy products to style your hair. We have found that this combination of products is will help us reach any bridal hair or makeup look desired.

Las Vegas Weddings

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is running around in and out of Las Vegas hair salons wondering if your hair and make up will come undone before you see the altar. Our stylists makes it easy and relaxing by bringing the photography and hair salon to your wedding anywhere in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin or Green Valley for your makeup needs so that your bridal hair and makeup is fresh when you say “I do!”. Whether you want the traditional bridal make up to pin up style with air brush make up or even reinvent yourself with 100% human hair extensions. We can take care of all your makeup salon needs in the comfort of your own hotel room while you and your brides maids sit back with mimosas and enjoy your Vegas experience with Stevee Danielle Hair and Make Up Las Vegas Salon. Thank you for voting us Best bridal hair and make up in Las Vegas!


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